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Custom Boomerang Details

Understanding what we do when customizing the Boomerang Media Station is important. We capture the essence of the business that we are developing our technology for. There are several stages that we go through in developing the Media Station. The following are the basics.

Custom Boomerang Core Modularization:

  • The Custom Boomerang Media Station will have the look and feel as approved by the client's team. The core technology will appear to be the proprietary development for the client on the exterior, redesigned with their branding as the predominate element.
  • The eWorldMedia design team will work directly with the client through conference calls to manage the transformation directly.
  • The eWorldMedia design team will also create a high conversion landing page and a set of 5 banners pointing to that landing page. This will be the landing page that you send your audience to download your Custom Boomerang directly.
  • The Custom Boomerang will have its own unique identification sub id which will track all downloads and usage of the Custom Media Station. This will allow the client's team to access the advanced modular reporting system, which includes statistics for all downloads of their Boomerang technology.
  • The Custom Boomerang will have its own user portal where you are able to log in and manage the Media Station. You can set any number of users to be able to manage their Custom Boomerang Media Station, and allow or disallow specific access to each of the menu items that are available.
  • The Custom Boomerang comes with 20 hours of custom programming in order to create further customize and connect the Media Station in ways that are more intimate to the business. This is where you can get a bit more creative with the data that the dashboard displays for your audience.


eWorld Media Content Usage and Utilization:

  • The client will have the ability to turn on and off specific channels in the Boomerang system through the user portal interface.
  • Continual use of additional content comes as part of the license. As eWorld adds new media and advances their relationships for aggregating other media content, this will continue to benefit the client.
  • As part of the license agreement, the client will obtain fresh content as delivered by the eWorld team to keep current users interested as well as continually attract new and varied users of the Custom Boomerang platform.
  • The client will gain access to the entire menu system that comes along with the replace all of them with their own links.
  • The client will have access to all of the RSS feeds that are coming into the boomerang media station. They will be able to change the RSS feeds to whatever ones they choose or are able to keep any that are set in the Media Station as a default.


Media Station Dashboard Control

  • The client will have access to the default video that plays when the player first loads. This could be a commercial for the client, a knowledge base video or even just a graphic with a link to the website. The control can be set to launch the video upon first opening the Custom Media Station.
  • Company will be able to create any number of video libraries as well as decide what channels to out as the first accessed stations on the media player. Via this same philosophy Custom Boomerang clients will be able to select what other video category networks they want allow or disallow on the Media Station.
  • Company will be able to run RSS readers though the Boomerang Media Station. This could be topics of interest to the company or syndicated directly off of the company website. Our sophisticated reader makes delivering the latest info directly from the company a breeze.
  • The Media Station is completely social media ready. You can create and syndicate your twitter feed and facebook wall onto the Custom Boomerang keeping in direct touch with your audience. Having the social environment integrated makes a complete communication portal to stay in touch.
  • Directly through the backend portal you are able to create and manage any number of menu systems directing your users anywhere you would like on the Internet. This helps them navigate quickly to the websites and company services that you find the most important.